Tutoring / Pre Teaching

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We have trained and flexible tutors who can bring the tutoring services next to your door at any time you wish.

The agency tutors employ a variety of teaching and learning techniques which enable students have a better understanding of school taught concepts. We provide the problem oriented approaches and guidance on homework, assignments and projects. The students’ ideas are considered in high regard to their work such as exploration or internal assessment projects and standard essays. We also prompt the student to have preliminary exposure to class material such that better comprehension of material is attained.

Our professional educators serve as mentors and goal setters providing tutoring for ages four to adult in all major subjects: Reading, math, English, social studies or Humanity, basic science, chemistry, biology, physics and French. In a one –on-one learning environment, we believe it represents the most effective way to learn where children develop their learning skills and habits and cultivate critical thinking capacity to enhance knowledge and understanding of academic subjects.