Reading and Writing

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Reading and the capacity to understand the written word is an essential skill in the human race. The basic skill to acquire in school or in life than the ability to read and comprehend well. It’s true that those who read better also write better and, as a result, they learn better. As such, reading may be the single, most important function we ever learn on this earth. International learning agency reading educators are trained in recognized reading programs and specialize in spelling, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary improvement.

The International learning agency provides comprehensive reading improvement services for students of all ages, abilities and reading levels. We can help anyone – even those who are good readers – to excel in phonics, grammar, literature, and speed reading and also offers effective programs for those with dyslexia or who have characteristics of dyslexia.

The agency also in mimicking the school environment and classroom strives to mirror a typical school objectives including syllabus of the course, contact hours, methodology, instructional/teaching material, examination strategy and providing a formative assessment at end of the mentoring the course.

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