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We provide a mimicked school learning environment to children while at home. We equip our  students with functional academic and organizational skills, Prepare and conduct secular lessons, monitor playground and any other co-curricular activities.  For students to benefit from this arrangement it is essential that parents and students plan  effectively for Homeschool success. The agency tutors with parents will provide additional tutoring, teaching and learning support, evaluate and structure their child’s education according to their needs.  Parents should take control over their child’s curriculum, behavior and receive continuous feedback on progress through written reports and discussions.  At International learning agency, we teach all academic disciplines for all grades. Working together with parents, the agency provides individualized learning programs for all students to guarantee that they will receive a high quality education that prepares them effectively for further education and life skills. Our six months-round schedule provides maximum flexibility for the schedules of both  parents and students, while meeting all standard guidelines for subject areas.